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Our ‘Georgia Peach’ 1st Birthday Party! {& Peach Sangria recipe}

You may remember that my child turned one in August. As in, August of 2014. You may also remember a three-week hiatus immediately following said birthday, during which we all shared the stomach bug (including our poor house guests) and then attempted to take a “relaxing” trip to Myrtle Beach as a family. Well, let’s just… Continue reading Our ‘Georgia Peach’ 1st Birthday Party! {& Peach Sangria recipe}

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St. Patty’s Day Confession

That’s right — I gave in to temptation this week. I did it. I caved. I’m totally, utterly weak.  I ORDERED A SHAMROCK SHAKE.  After all, who can blame me?? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which is basically bigger than Christmas in Boston. Plus I have this cute Irish husband and consequently a bonnie Irish babe at… Continue reading St. Patty’s Day Confession

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Let’s Celebrate Pi Day!

It’s Pi Day (in the U.S., anyway) and what better way to celebrate 3.14.15(92653…) than with a roundup of my favorite PIE recipes, starting with one I just saw yesterday that I haven’t made yet but cannot WAIT to try, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen: That’s zooming to the top of my must-make list! Next up comes my… Continue reading Let’s Celebrate Pi Day!

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New & Newsworthy

The weather in the Northeast right now is AMAZING! Obviously, I’m in a good mood. It makes me want to bust out my lighter recipes, dress in flats instead of snow boots, go for a walk and switch to iced coffee until fall. Georgia and Daddy are WAY into it. (Although, to be accurate, Mark never… Continue reading New & Newsworthy


It feels like spring!

There’s still a solid two and a half feet of snow on the ground, but that hasn’t stopped me from all but declaring it Summer Vacation this week, because it is nearly in the 40s outside and you can actually see some pavement for the first time since late January. Except, of course, for those… Continue reading It feels like spring!

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Coping with a sick baby

It’s that time of year again: germs are circulating, snot is flowing, and everywhere you look it seems like someone has an ear infection, croup, or the stomach flu (or all three)! And it’s no wonder, given how cooped up we’ve all been this year. Our house has caught more than a few bugs during this… Continue reading Coping with a sick baby