Homemade Salsa

Just in time for March Madness! Make enough to get you from the Sweet Sixteen to the Final Four, and you won’t be sorry. Here’s what you need: Tomatoes, canned jalapenos, fresh cilantro, and — my secret ingredient, cribbed from The Pioneer Woman’s salsa — two cans of Rotel. Here’s her original post, where she also… Continue reading Homemade Salsa

Grow Your Own Way

Early Spring Gardening

What’s more fitting for the first day of spring than to get an early start on this year’s garden? After being a little disorganized and haphazard in laying out our garden last year, we have decided to take a more proactive approach for 2013, starting with this handy seed starter kit available through Amazon or… Continue reading Early Spring Gardening


Spicy Penne Rosa with Shrimp

This has a nice subtle heat that will call to mind shrimp fra diavolo. Made with whole wheat pasta, spinach and a creamy sauce of fire-roasted tomatoes and non-fat Greek yogurt, it packs a healthy punch that will keep you feeling fuller longer. Tons of great protein and flavor in here! Ingredients 1 package whole… Continue reading Spicy Penne Rosa with Shrimp