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Hearty Weeknight Marinara

I call this “weeknight” marinara because it takes two minutes to throw together and you can simmer for as long or as little as you want to get a deeper flavor. I put the sauce in a pan with unthawed meatballs while Georgia is playing (or having her evening bath) with dad, then cook it… Continue reading Hearty Weeknight Marinara

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Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Lucky us: Mark’s show closes Sunday and we both have Monday off, so it actually IS a long weekend in our house. Georgia moved up to the toddler room at day care (sob) where she is eating at a preschool table with miniature chairs, napping for three hours a day, learning Montessori works and bonding… Continue reading Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Sneaking veggies into food (with toddler-friendly risotto recipe)

Well, I suppose it was inevitable: the day where my toddler figured out junk food exists in the world, and that she’d prefer to eat cookies, fruit juice and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese than mom’s home cooking. Hoping it’s just a short-lived phase, I’ve adapted by sneaking in greens where I can and holding a… Continue reading Sneaking veggies into food (with toddler-friendly risotto recipe)

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The cutest guide to baby food, birth to 12 months

I recently stumbled across the most darling illustrated guide to feeding your baby in their first year on Along Abbey Road, and I simply had to share it. It makes me so happy! And, it’s completely useful. What she lays out here is pretty much month-for-month exactly what we introduced and when, and I feel… Continue reading The cutest guide to baby food, birth to 12 months

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Have you tried Blue Apron?

I know I’m late to the trend! But a couple weeks ago I finally got to give Blue Apron a try, thanks to a friend who couldn’t cook her order before leaving for vacation. Β And I have to say, it was absolutely delicious, and I felt like it broke me out of my usual recipe… Continue reading Have you tried Blue Apron?