New U.S. nutrition guidelines to recommend less meat?

I don’t know if you saw this over the weekend, but a slew of articles came out about the impending update to our government nutrition guidelines, better known as the food pyramid. In addition to the unsurprising findings that we consume too much salt and added sugar, the appointed nutrition panel’s initial report tackles the amount… Continue reading New U.S. nutrition guidelines to recommend less meat?


Chicken w/ Capers & Artichokes

I have no words for how bad the commuting is in Boston these days, so I’m not even going to address it — just share a great recipe for cold, snowbound days.  We made this two weeks ago and I added the leftovers to some yellow rice a couple days later, with the chicken shredded, for a… Continue reading Chicken w/ Capers & Artichokes

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We’re back (+2 Vitamix recipes)

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Ever since having a baby, I sure do. I think it’s frowned upon to say that, but traveling with a child is down-to-the-bone exhausting!  I’m so glad we got away from this snow. And it never feels like we spend enough time with our… Continue reading We’re back (+2 Vitamix recipes)

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Escaping Boston

I am writing this to you from — now don’t be jealous — my aunt’s kitchen table in Florida, where I’m enjoying a view overlooking the pool while eating a smoothie bowl that I made myself for breakfast. Mark and Georgia both slept late today (!) and the weather has been in the low 70s… Continue reading Escaping Boston


Last-minute Super Bowl snack ideas!

Did you procrastinate, run out of time, or just generally flake on what you’re making to snack on while you watch the Super Bowl until now? Are you going to be one of those idiots in the grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday? As the sleep-deprived, frazzled mother of a hyperactive toddler, I can’t relate to that… Continue reading Last-minute Super Bowl snack ideas!