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Banana Vanilla Milkshake for Everyone

I did not mean to disappear for seven days. We have had family in town from Florida, and thus I’ve been busy taking some day trips, eating some tasty food, and just generally enjoying these last weeks of summer. We’ve been too busy to cook! But oh man, have I been eating out. I need a… Continue reading Banana Vanilla Milkshake for Everyone

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Garden-Fresh Tomato Sauce

Georgia’s party was this past weekend! The weather was gorgeous, the party was a success, and mama is tired. This is a recipe I made last week, while trying to use up even more of our garden tomatoes, which are ripening at the rate of dozens per day (!!) I like a chunky sauce but… Continue reading Garden-Fresh Tomato Sauce

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Iced Coffee Shake

At the age of 33, I have to have my wisdom teeth out. Guess I’d better fire up some soup and milkshake ideas. Actually, I just made up a new milkshake last week: after getting aggravated again that Mark left a half-drunk iced coffee melting on our end table, I set out to turn an annoyance… Continue reading Iced Coffee Shake

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Digest It: Foodie News You Can Use

It’s August! Time to take a break from cooking and catch up on food news. Plus, I’m planning Georgia’s second birthday party, and I need a breather from anything that could tax my mental power. I have two goals for this year: don’t stress as much as I did last year, and invite more people. The theme… Continue reading Digest It: Foodie News You Can Use

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have tomatoes! (+ caprese salad)

After all that midnight watering, Mark’s garden is peaking right now, with basil, eggplant, and — most excitingly — tomatoes simply bursting all of a sudden! and they are irresistible, just like someone else we know…   “mommy, a-mate-o’s!”Must be the new gardener we brought on board.  Abundant tomatoes = caprese every night! and, because I’m being… Continue reading Ladies and gentlemen, we have tomatoes! (+ caprese salad)