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How to reheat Alfredo sauce

I’m probably the only one who wasn’t aware of this trick until recently, but I thought I’d share anyway! Don’t you hate it when you order some awesome fettuccine alfredo at a restaurant, but when you take the leftovers home, the sauce separates into a buttery mess in the microwave? Well, there’s any easy solution: warming it over low heat on the stove top instead. When you reheat in a saute pan instead of the microwave, the ingredients in the sauce don’t separate, and you get to keep your creamy, cheesy Alfredo just as it should be: fattening and delicious.

Have you ever been to the place this dish was invented — the original Alfredo in Rome? If you’re planning to visit Italy any time soon, it’s a must-see. They make the dish right at your table and serve it piping hot. And then you die and go to heaven. No really, it’s that good! And interestingly, in Italy the recipe doesn’t include cream. Same goes for carbonara, in case you were wondering! (Adding cream to pasta is a very American invention).

Hope you all have a lovely week, and that you’re making the most of these waning summer days 🙂 It goes so fast…

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