Better Together: Shortcut Chili and Baked Macaroni and Cheese

I’m trying a new thing where I pair recipes whose ingredients overlap so you can save time at the store and eliminate waste by using every last bit of what you bought. These two recipes pair nicely because they share both sour cream and shredded cheese, yet are totally different, so you aren’t going to OD on similar food. Your total cost to make both should be less than $20. 

~ Natural buddies: Baked Egg Noodles with Cheese and Shortcut Chili ~

Two packages shredded cheese = $5; noodles = $1; sour cream = $1.50; 1 egg, milk and seasonings you should have on hand already (or spend less than $4 each for a dozen eggs and half gallon of milk). Bread crumbs are another thing I keep on hand, or pay about $2.25 for one package by Progresso. One package fresh salsa = $3, one package frozen vegetarian crumbles = $4, one can of beans $1 or less.

The part that’s unpictured: the veggies I always serve on the side! Do this, and you’ve got two not-too-bad-for-you, family-friendly meals that are relatively balanced in nutrition. Both are vegetarian, and both come together quickly on a weeknight. Enjoy! And if you found this post helpful, share or click “like” so we can keep more of ’em coming 🙂

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