Last-minute Super Bowl snack ideas!

Did you procrastinate, run out of time, or just generally flake on what you’re making to snack on while you watch the Super Bowl until now? Are you going to be one of those idiots in the grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday? As the sleep-deprived, frazzled mother of a hyperactive toddler, I can’t relate to that AT ALL! 🙂


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you will have just seen Mark’s favorite Game Day snack, Pillsbury Sausage Crescent Rolls. They are sweet/savory, just like my super easy Brown Sugar Kielbasa in the Slow Cooker.


Of course, no Super Bowl party would be complete without Chips and SalsaDip, Wings, Beer, and some Classic Chili. But there are so many other options!

Got a big crowd? How about making them Beef Stew, Baked Macaroni & Cheese — the guilty kind, or the healthy kind — or heck, throw both in together and make a heaping pot of Sweet n’ Spicy Macaroni and Chili with Coconut Milk, which happens to be meatless and oh so creamy!

Being Italian, I always have options like Stuffed Shells with Tomato Sauce and Meatball Pizza at the ready. But for those who prefer to go lighter, or want some more vegetarian options, try Kale Chips, homemade, better-for-you Tortilla Chips, or this awesome Sweet Potato “Chorizo” Chili that is totally meat-free.

I also like to pick up a container of Trader Joe’s vegetarian chili and place it in the bottom of a glass baking dish then pour corn bread batter on top and bake together. It’s like cornbread-chili upside down cake, and it’s delicious!! Add some heat by throwing in some chopped jalapenos before baking, or mix in some cheese before baking … slather on some butter …. and mmmmm.

Got any good recipes I should know for next year? Share ’em!

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